Writing Center Feedback

First, our situation may be slightly different from the other groups, as we have not written as much as they have due to the nature of our project. She read the email that we sent to chief, and gave us feedback and suggestions for the face to face meetings.

She suggested that we make sure to emphasize our appreciation for the department, which we already had in the email, and will reiterate in the face to face meeting. We agree that they need to be recognized for the ways that they help the students. By focusing on that a little more, it makes it clear that we are not attacking them, but genuinely wanting a beneficial relationship between DPS and the student body.

She also suggested that we structure the meeting based on his responses to the email. Honestly, we were expecting a much less positive response and were pleasantly surprised by his reply. It seems so far that he also feels like it would be a good idea to strengthen the relationship. Because of his responses, we are definitely taking her advice and structuring the meeting based on them. For example, “In your reply, you talked about the adopt-a-dorm program that you started, could you elaborate a little more on that?” or “You mentioned that students often don’t reach out to you because of their schedules or because of lack of interest, is there anything you think could be done to improve that?”

She also recommended that we suggest other ways that DPS could get involved on campus, like going to campus events hosted by student groups. This would show that they support the students, and make them recognizable as fully participating campus members. We could approach this by commending them on their DPS karaoke night, and then recommending other ways they could interact, like going to games or joining in on Slice of Transy, to help normalize them as approachable rather than distant.

She did ask us if we were going to talk about the card swipe safety issue, but we don’t feel like that really relates to what we are trying to accomplish. Though it’s definitely a valid concern, and we are supportive of anything that would increase campus safety, it doesn’t really relate to the focus of our project. Besides that one comment though, there’s nothing that she said that we disagreed with. She was actually a valuable outside perspective, and it was very reassuring that she thought we were representing this issue well.


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