Kerri mentioned that she liked the way that we worded the slides, and others agreed that they were pleasantly surprised we weren’t intending to go into Chief’s office and literally set him on fire.

“I think everyone was worried about how controversial your project was”

Thanks Avery.

We may print out a list of the areas of concern so that we have something to reference, because it would be more professional to have a list pre-prepared than to try and remember off the top of our heads what needs to be fixed. The class suggested that we do not use the specific anecdotes that we have collected. We agree that the anecdotes might make Chief feel like we are being hostile. We are also going to make sure that we keep the same tone that we have on the slides, emphasizing the issues that have arisen instead of the responsible parties. “These are some of the issues that students have brought up” in place of “These are the things that your department is doing wrong.” This will hopefully preserve Chief’s upbeat and positive attitude, and make it clear that we are not there to attack anyone, but to actually improve the relationship between the student body and the department.

The class seemed on board with the idea of a student committee, which was very encouraging. The only question we got was how the members of the committee would be chosen. We’re going to suggest to Chief that the members of the committee be elected by the campus community and see what he has to say. The other option could be to have the positions be applied for through the engagement office.

Interestingly, when Caroline was talking about the Adopt-a-Dorm program, no one in the class had ever heard of it. We have three separate classes in our group, and none of us had ever heard of it either. Theoretically, the program is a great idea, but in practice it hasn’t been followed in any noticeable way. This is definitely something that we are going to bring up in the meeting with Chief. He is very proud of this program, and the fact that no one knows about it really emphasizes the need for better communication. This is a program that could be instrumental in bettering the relationship between DPS and the students, and we believe that we definitely need to focus on making the students more aware that this program exists.


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